I know I’ve talked before about the power of doing nothing but this is a little bit different! 
Now, if you follow me you’ll probably already be aware that daydreaming is a trance like state. During this time our minds will drift and dream, whilst the subconscious mind starts to prod at those niggling problems. 
It’s all very clever and the neuroscience is there to back me up, thank goodness. 
This has got me thinking,…. Why not use those day dreamy times to actually visualise some changes, maybe give that subconscious a helping hand? 
Did you know that using your imagination allows you to think about situations that seem impossible and makes them possible? Infact, imagination and daydreaming go hand in hand! 
When you are drifting away, daydreaming and imagining, you can solve a work problem, rehearse a difficult situation, use your creativity or even have a real “lightbulb moment”. All of a sudden you may know where that passport is! 
The more you use your imagination, the more you unblock old habits, patterns or ways of thinking. 
We know, we can imagine any number of toxic or negative situations so why not use that imagination to your advantage instead! 
“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” –George Bernard Shaw 
4 ways to make your imagination work for you! 
Firstly, think about what makes you happy, there’s usually something, however small, 
It may just be something as small as the first coffee of the day. 
Next: think about what matters to you and then, what are you prepared to put effort into? 
You’re now off to a flying start. 
Want to make that sense of purpose stronger? 
1. think of a goal or target you want to achieve, 
2. take a situation that is currently bothering you, 
3. think of a conversation you need to have with someone but are putting off, 
4. consider a feeling you have that you’re not comfortable with, 
Now take some time to daydream and let your imagination get to work 
Relax, put your feet up, daydream and imagine something different. 
Visualise the situation, give it clarity, colour, make it as vivid as you can. 
What does life look like now you’re using your imagination? 
Imagine yourself doing , feeling, saying. 
What’s changed, what can you wonderfully achieve in your imagination? 
Here’s a little example for you…. 
Everyday you drive to work with a feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach but now you’re ready for change. You’ve had enough of it! 
So you start to imagine what it would be like if that feeling has gone. 
Instead you imagine that drive to work as a calm one, you’re relaxed, listening to the radio, singing along, imagining that you feel comfortable, good, looking forward to seeing your colleagues. 
You keep imagining it, the more you imagine it the stronger that image becomes. 
Feels good doesn’t it. 
People have even learned to play instruments by just using their imagination, it is that powerful. 
So think about what you want 
Is it more time, less stress, to be fitter, to be more confident? 
“Nothing limits achievement like small thinking; nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination.” –William Arthur Ward 
So relax, daydream and let your imagination run wild. 
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