What is Hypnosis? (Trance) 

Hypnosis, (Trance) has been described as a guided daydream, you are aware of everything that’s happening and remain in complete control. It is a very deep form of relaxation which includes positive suggestions used in a therapeutic manner, which will help you to overcome any problems and difficulties you may have. It is a very natural state, and we can unwittingly go into it several times a day, you know, when your teacher says your daydreaming at school, when you loose your place in a TV program. 

Is Hypnosis safe? 

Yes, Hypnosis, (trance) is perfectly safe. You will be always in control and will be able to come out of it whenever you choose. 

Will I do anything I don’t want to do? 

Definitely not, you will always remain in control. SFH involves the use of positive suggestions and metaphors, that will help you to access the logical, intellectual part of your mind. This is different to stage hypnotherapy, which is for entertainment purposes, you will not cluck like a chicken or hop around on one leg. 

What is it like? 

My experience of hypnosis is that I have felt very heavy, very relaxed and very calm. When I was first hypnotized, I was amazed by the experience, I felt as if I had been to a spa! Clients I have worked with have had similar experiences; aware of their surrounding but just not wanting to move. The trance experience can be unique to you though, some people feel lightness, or tingling, I have had clients whose headaches have cleared. It is generally a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. 
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