Stopping Smoking 

Do you want to breathe easier, feel fitter, improve your life outcomes and have more money in your pocket? 
Are you ready to quit but know it’s going to be hard, worried that you will not be able to do it with willpower alone? 
That is understandable, its an addiction, just like any other but rest assured, with SFH, YOU CAN DO IT! 
Studies have shown that Hypnotherapy is an effective way to stop an addiction and through solution focused techniques and hypnosis you can stop smoking with just 1 two-hour session. 
So if you really are ready to stop call me for further information or book your 2 hour session online. 


If you are ready to change your perspective on life, get the real you back or just manage your stress effectively, reach out to me. I would love to be able to share this uplifting, empowering, effective, enjoyable therapy with the people of Beverley, Hull and surrounding areas, in person or via Zoom. 
Please give me a call if you want further information, or book online for an initial consultation. 
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