Weight Management 

Are you fed up with fad diets or had enough of turning up at a group each week, paying your fiver and coming home wondering why you’ve only lost half a pound? Maybe you want to gain weight, or you just have an unhealthy relationship with food? 
We do know that fad diets or seriously restricted calorie diets do not have long term sustainable effects and can be counterproductive. Believe me I’ve tried them all! 
Even though we know that what we need to do is eat less and move more, our motivation for this can be affected by many things including stress, anxiety, depression or even time! 
Despair not! Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you to move into the area of the mind that is positive and motivated, here at Janie Toynton Hypnotherapy we use the latest in neuroscience, psychotherapeutic approaches and trance to help to refocus your relationship with food. 
You will be pleased to know that usually only 6 sessions of SFH are required, compare this to how much time you may have spent going to groups, like me you’ll probably wish you’d discovered this earlier! 
If you want more information, are ready to change your relationship with food for life or if you are ready to feel better in both mind and body, call me or book an initial consultation online. 


If you are ready to change your perspective on life, get the real you back or just manage your stress effectively, reach out to me. I would love to be able to share this uplifting, empowering, effective, enjoyable therapy with the people of Beverley, Hull and surrounding areas, in person or via Zoom. 
Please give me a call if you want further information, or book online for an initial consultation. 
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