Well, here we are, December, possibly the busiest month of the year is upon us again. 
I know, for me, in the past, I’ve become totally frazzled, trying to sort gifts, getting the food sorted, trying to fit in extra social occasions, to the extent where I’m exhausted but achieving little. 
It’s easy to think that doing nothing is a waste of time, lazy or wrong but neuroscience suggests a different story 

What happens to your brain when you relax? 

Possibly the opposite to what you imagine! It is vitally important for you to relax and do nothing, in order for you to have good mental health and well-being. 
Did you know that when you are relaxing, daydreaming, sleeping or in trance your brain can become incredibly active? In fact studies have suggested that during trance your brain uses 4% more oxygen than it would if you were taking a maths GCSE! 

So what is the brain doing to keep it so busy? 

Let me explain…. when you relax, daydream etc something called the DEFAULT MODE NETWORK (DMN) is activated. Put very simply, when we stop consciously focusing, our minds will wander and our subconscious can get to work! 
The subconscious is actually responsible for 95% of the decisions we make….yes 95%….. so when you think you’re making a conscious decision.. the chances are you’re not! 
When the DMN gets to work it delves into our subconscious to look for solutions to any worries/difficulties we may have. You know when you drift off, then all of a sudden you have that lightbulb moment? You might suddenly know where your driving licence is, passport or in my case glasses, that’s your DMN doing it’s business. 

So is doing nothing a waste of time? 

Absolutely not! If you find it hard to switch off/daydream/drift away, get in touch and I’ll send you a FREE link to my hypnotherapy deep relaxation track. 
Right I’m off for a little lie down now while my brain gets busy busy busy 
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