Good question! 
Well we all produce a stress hormone, it’s called cortisol! Cortisol is very important in regulating our bodies stress response and keeps our levels of inflammation down. That’s a good thing, right? 
It is! But did you know that it is stored in the fatty tissues, (adipose tissues) particularly around our middles? Cortisol can increase your appetite and cause cravings for sweet, fatty and sugary foods. 
So, if you’re stressed and gaining a bit of a spare tyre, cortisol could be partly responsible! 
If you are stressed day after day, you will continue to release excess cortisol and guess what? This stimulates hunger and feeding! 
There is more…. How your brain perceives a situation can affect your cortisol levels and eating habits too, so yes, there really is a link between stress and weight gain. 
If you view a situation as totally hopeless and extremely challenging, eg, we’re all doomed, your brain has no ceiling level for the amount of cortisol you can produce, so more is stored, you feel more hunger, you eat more, emotional eating perhaps? 
Whereas, if you find a situation as challenging but do able, a different part of your brain will kick in and cap off the cortisol production! This protects you from it, so no more comfort eating. 
We all know that stress can affect how well we sleep but did you know that poor sleep can lead to an increase in Cortisol and we now know that cortisol is in our adipose (fatty) tissue, yep that spare tyre again! 
Who has noticed that when you’re tired, you’re more likely to reach for the chocolate than the banana? Definitely me!! This can be because when we’re tired we crave glucose for energy, hence the sugary choices. 
Hypnotherapy is excellent for reducing stress levels and improving sleep. 
Ever wondered why you choose that piece of cake over that healthy piece of fruit? 
Well it’s all down to the templates for behaviour that we stack up in our brain, more specifically, in the hippocampus. We create a template for every behaviour, these can be appropriate but can also be inappropriate! 
So you see stress really does lead to weight gain for many people! 
In solution focused hypnotherapy we reduce stress, increase positivity and create new templates for behaviour and new neural pathways. 
This is how solution focused hypnotherapy can work for you . 
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