The pandemic has hit emotional health in the workplace hard! 
One report states that 60% of employees feel miserable at work. Levels of stress in the workplace have risen for the 3rd year in a row! 
I now give you 10 reasons to create a happy work place and invest in your employees mental health. 
1. Friendships improve, leading to increased peer support. 
2. People have a more positive mindset 
3. Happy people are more productive 
4. In a happy workplace there is less absenteeism 
5. Happiness spreads and happy employees are fabulous role models 
6. Happier employees are more confident, inspiring improved performance and success 
7. Happy employees have a “can do” attitude, they believe in success and in belief there is power! 
8. Happier employees feel safer making mistakes, which are an enormous learning tool, been afraid to make mistakes limits chances to learn 
9. Happier employees are more creative! They may create solutions to help your business succeed 
10. A happy team is a loyal team who will work for the benefit of the business, have pride in their work and will want to stay! 
As most of us know workplace stress has risen significantly during and since the pandemic. 
The isolation and disconnection from normal everyday society definitely had an impact on many peoples mental health. Some people thrived on zoom, whereas some felt lonely and closed off, some missed going into work, whereas some enjoyed the enforced time at home. 
Now, however, we are living the “new normal” and many people are struggling with the adjustment and changes this may bring. 
As a fully qualified, accredited, insured and DBS checked, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, I can help you bring some happiness back into your workplace. 
I offer a corporate hypnotherapy/deep relaxation session during which I talk about how the brain works, why we might feel the way we do and what we can do about it! 
For many people this is a light bulb moment as they understand how their brain has led to the possible feelings of anxiety/low mood, poor sleep, low confidence etc etc. for some it can even explain weight gain and their reasons for phobias! 
I follow this with a taster session of deep relaxation/ hypnosis, which will leave your employees feeling calm, relaxed and ready to focus on the job ahead. 
Hypnosis or trance is perfectly safe and in fact a normal part of everyday life! Most of us will naturally go into trance 2-3 times a day, without even realising. You know those times when you switch off watching TV, zone out during a conversation? 
We call this day dreaming. Hypnosis is just a deeper, more relaxing form of daydreaming, during which we stay fully in control of our mind and body and we can come out of trance, safely, any time we want to. 
Investing in the mental health and emotional well-being of your staff maybe the best investment you could make. 
We can do this in a fun, non intrusive and relaxing manner in just a bit longer than a dinner hour! 
Each session is booked as 90 minutes long, this is to allow time for questions and reflection at the end. 
My sessions are bookable online via the link below, priced at £250 and are offered to all businesses, large or small, within a 30 minute drive from Beverley. 
For more information please contact me at or call me 07445438269 
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